What’s going on here?

A friend of the blog recently sent a message asking about new postings. To answer his question, I haven’t posted because I had been busy – extremely busy – with school, work, and life outside masturbation.

My job is driving me insane, loading me with lots and lots of stress, which in turn had made some health conditions to re-surface. Lets say that during the weekends – when I usually post here – I am either trying to recover from a hell of a work week, in extreme pain thanks to nerve system conditions, or simply knocked down with a heavy dose of painkillers for my nerve condition. Add the regular rush of the Holidays and you can figure why I had not posted in a while…

Does that mean that I haven’t been choking the chicken whenever I can? HELL NO!!!

Let’s  give you an idea of what we  had been going around in Casa Casquetero:

  1. Got a Teddy Babe Deluxe for my collection. Last month I added Victoria to my increasing collection of sex dolls. Victoria is a second-hand Teddy Babe Deluxe (Carly model) I got from a TDF member. Unlike the TBs, TBDs are taller (5’2″) and their proportions are more human-like. The coolness factor for this doll is that it was custom made by its previous owner with different eye colors and made brunette. 
  2. Made a “female” sleeping pillow. Just after receiving “Victoria”, my health began to worsen, so I needed a body pillow to aid me sleeping. (One of my conditions require me to avoid pressure on my right side while sleeping). I had body pillows, but they pissed me off because I need two to allow me to rest my whole body (I’m 6 ft tall). I wanted for a pillow long enough to allow me to rest my whole body at once. My prayers were answered when a local store liquidated a bunch of Halloween stuffed dummies. My mind calculated the measurements and decided they were perfect. After a few minor modifications (a few stitches here and there, additional filling material, a larger Styrofoam head, and a wig), Lala was born. Basically a body pillow with female form, “she” is the ultimate cuddling body pillow: 6’3″ tall, 36 D breasts to grab, and a trim but soft ass to cling to. Still, her hands are alike a trucker’s hands, but well, nothing in life is perfect. 
  3. Got a weird hands-free masturbator. Remember the Cobra Libre? Well, I realized I was not a big fan of it, but due to my increasingly busted back, I needed something similar to relieve my “lower tension” without moving too much. I found an answer in E-bay with the Bolo Masturbator (http://bolomalemasturbator.com/). This thing is sold as the ultimate help to avoid prostate cancer by promoting robust ejaculations. Personally, I didn’t believe that crap when I bought it – I just wanted something to make me cum without me requiring moving. Well, the thingy works like the Cobra Libre, but it is cheaper ($50), simpler to setup, and it is more powerful. Still, I feel cheated. Why? After receiving it, I realized that it looked vaguely familiar, something that I confirmed a few days ago when I saw a cheap back massager. The Bolo is nothing else that two of the motors with some straps attached! I bought one of the chair massagers ($10), reverse engineered it and now I have the prototype of a bitchin’ Turbo Vibro Fleshlight  – a FL Vibro so powerful that makes the Cobra Libre look like a child’s toy. I will try to improve it during the Holidays (if my nerves allow it).
  4. Finally got into a Tenga Flip Lite. I had heard so much of these mini Tenga Flip Holes that I wanted one badly – but was put away due to their tiny girth allowance. I snatched one in liquidation and the verdict is that if your penis is above 4 inches in girth simply forgetaboutit. The damn thing is like a vise grip and even if it will suck you dry, it is so tight you won’t feel shit of the texture. Good thing I only “wasted” $30.

Well that is all for now…

I will continue the reviews as soon my health allows for it – meanwhile I will post about a few things related to the science of self pleasure in the next few weeks.